Warren Public Library announces writing contest award winners

There were many things missing in life over the past few months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Familiar things, like going to the library.

In response, Warren Public Library held a writing contest encouraging young people to write about what they missed.

Young readers ages 5 to 19 were asked to respond to:

“I missed the Warren Public Library during the 2020 pandemic because…”

The selected winning entries were Audrey Wurst, 7, and Trent Alexander, 10. Each won a $30 Walmart gift card.

“I missed the Warren Public Library during the pandemic because there are lots of cool books,” Wurst said.

“Also, I enjoy being with the library teacher. My favorite part is looking for all sorts of books that are amazing. The part I love is spending time together with each other.”

“Everybody there is so awesome and amazing. I just love being there,” she said. “I enjoy being around other people that I don’t know. I like the book fair that comes there as well. So, at the library I love reading the books there, I love the people, and I never want to leave. I would love to stay at the library forever.”

“I missed the Warren Public Library during the 2020 pandemic because I miss the contests, I miss the classes they had, I miss the building blocks, and I miss looking at the books and choosing my favorite,” Alexander said.

“The Warren Public Library staff really missed seeing all the smiling faces of our wonderful patrons during the recent closure due to the current pandemic,” Children’s Librarian Susan Slater said. “Congratulations to Audrey and Trent; we appreciate your participation.”

The library is moving forward with its phased reopening plan.

Those who would like to get into the library to use the computers, for the reference room, or to do some browsing, may call 723-4650 to make an appointment.


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