Warren man sentenced in rape case

A Warren man has been sentenced to the maximum possible penalty for raping a woman in front of her child.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Kameron M.J. Osborne, 22, was in the home of a woman he knew at about 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 17 and that the two argued.

Police said the victim reported that Osborne threw her on the bed, held her down, and raped her.

The victim reported kicking, pushing, hitting, and yelling at Osborne to get him to stop, according to the affidavit.

Additional details surrounding the case were revealed when Osborne attempted to have his bail reduced several months ago.

District Attorney Rob Greene said during that hearing that the victim told police Osborne threatened her children in order to gain her compliance.

“‘He grabbed me and said, if I don’t stop, ‘I’m going to hurt (the child),'” Greene said.

The victim told police Osborne then called the child, who was close by and said, “Come here. Whatever happens is mommy’s fault,” according to Greene. The victim then stopped resisting.

Osborne’s attorney, Assistant Public Defender Mike Kitay, told the court on Friday that Osborne is a young man with the “rest of his life ahead of him. (I) don’t want this to define him.”

He said his client was going through a very bad time and made some awful decisions.

Citing that Osborne has three children, Kitay said that his client and the mother of the children want Osborne to have a relationship with his children.

He said his client probably has some underlying mental health issues.

An attempt to withdraw his plea was denied by Hammond earlier this week. Kitay chalked that up to Osborne having “cold feet” in advance of sentencing.

First Assistant District Attorney Cody Brown read Osborne’s own admission to police — that he raped the victim and that the contact was forced and unwanted. He specifically mentioned that there was a child present to witness the assault and called rape “one of the most serious offenses the Commonwealth has.”

“Your actions in this matter are despicable,” Hammond said, indicating that raping the victim in front of her child is something that “boggles my mind.”

He said Osborne’s conduct was the most violent, damaging offense that he could perpetrate on a woman and said he hasn’t heard anything from him that resembles remorse for the “outrageous conduct.”

Hammond said he would be sentencing Osborne outside of the guidelines because to remain in the guidelines would be a “mischaracter of justice” given Osborne’s conduct.

Hammond then sentenced Osborne to 10 years to 20 years incarceration with 165 days credit time served with three years probation to follow, a $1,000 fine, a no contact/no communication order and sexual offender counseling on a count of rape forcible compulsion.

Hammond advised he is a Tier III sexual offender which brings lifetime registration requirements.

He is not boot camp or recidivism risk reduction incentive eligible.

On a count of endangering the welfare of children, Hammond sentenced Osborne to 30 to 60 months incarceration, $1,125 in fines and fees, a no contact/no communication order with the woman’s child, submission of a DNA sample and to undergo a mental health evaluation and comply with any treatment recommendations.

He said the sentence on the rape charge was the maximum punishment possible.

“That pain and suffering” he caused is “outrageous,” Hammond said.


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