Two men charged with sexual crimes sentenced

Two Warren County men were sentenced on sexual offense during Friday’s sentencing proceedings at the Warren County Courthouse.

Joshua R. Ingersoll, Warren, was sentenced on a count of indecent assault by President Judge Maureen Skerda on Friday stemming from molesting an 11-year-old on more than one occasion.

His attorney, Collin McHenry, said his client has taken responsibility from the early stages of the case and does not want to cause any additional trauma” to the victim.

He cited Ingersoll’s employment history prior to these charges, the fact that he is in treatment and claimed that he “wishes that this can help the victim move on with her life.”

Assistant District Attorney Tatiana Malys said that this offense was “away from the prying eyes of his friends and family” and asked for a no contact order for the victim.

Skerda said that this makes Ingersoll a Tier I Megan’s Law sexual offender and that he will have to register for 15 years.

Ingersoll said he wanted to “apologize to the victim” and said that “(I) really, really regret my actions.”

Skerda challenged Ingersoll, saying that he initially denied the conduct.

Referencing letters written on his behalf, Skerda said he “probably is a good person” but added that “this is part of your personality no one knows about other than you and your victim.”

Skerda then sentenced Ingersoll to 90 days to two years less one day incarceration with credit for one day time served, $1,375 in fines and fees, a no contact order 100 hours of community service, work release and early reentry eligibility, submission of a DNA sample and a sexual offender evaluation and compliance with recommendations on a count of indecent assault.

Skerda also sentenced David W. Dickson, Youngsville, on two counts of corruption of minors.

According to the police report, two females, ages 15 and 16, told their mother that Dickson inappropriately touched them on several occasions between May 1, 2018 and June 1, 2019 at his residence on Brown Hill Rd.

Dickson’s counsel, Eric Mikovich, acknowledged the seriousness of the case and indicated his client admitted to the conduct to avoid the victims needing to testify.

Mikovich told the court that his client, who he said has no prior record score, is paralyzed from the waste down and currently residing at the Warren Manor.

He asked for a probationary sentence and also said he filed for a restitution hearing, citing a submitted restitution claim of $50,000 for counseling and therapy dogs.

Assistant District Attorney Tatiana Malys said the “restitution is very clear in this case. (Their) therapist said they need dogs.”

Skerda noted that one of the dog trainers is the victim’s mother and said she was unclear about the costs, granting Mikovich’s motion for a separate restitution hearing.

Malys said it is “by the grace of God” that Dickson was not able to do more than inappropriate touching.

The victim’s mother took the stand and told Skerda that Dickson has “stolen everything from our family.”

“He destroyed them,” she said of the victims. “All of us.”

Dickson appeared to indicate he was “set up” on the charges but said he was sorry.

“The fact is they feel you are a monster,” Skerda said to Dickson. “You are a neighbor, a friend. You were in a position of trust.”

Dickson was then sentenced one one of the two counts to two years probation, $50,527.88 in restitution, $1,075 in fines and fees, a no contact order, submission of a DNA sample, no unsupervised contact with children and a sexual offender evaluation and compliance with recommendations if it is determined he is competent to participate in treatment. At the second count, he was sentenced to two years probation and a sex offender evaluation and compliance with recommendations.


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