New unemployment claims high, but falling

The number of Warren County residents applying for unemployment compensation was down almost 25 percent last week.

There were 98 new unemployment claims in Warren County during the last week of June.

That represents an improvement compared to the previous week. There were 126 initial claims during the week of June 14 and 124 new claims the week before.

In the second week of March, there were 24 new claims. At that time, there were 486 continued claims.

There were 1,596 continued claims in the county last week — up dramatically from 1,405 the previous week, but down 350 from a month ago. The number of continued claims during the week of May 30 was 1,942.

The highest number of continued claims for a week was the last week of April, when there were 2,674.

The claims come from men and women in all age categories.

Last week, the top three age groups with the most applications were within 2.7 percent.

People ages 45 to 54 represent the largest single group with 23.1 percent of applications, followed closely by ages 55 to 64 at 22.1 percent, and ages 25 to 34 with 20.4 percent. The group from 35 to 44 had 17.4 percent of the applicants.

A few more women (53.4 percent) than men (46.6 percent) filed initial claims. Even more women are among the continued claims – representing 57 percent.

The largest industry sector is manufacturing (with 25.5 percent of the applications), followed by health care and social assistance (21.4 percent), transportation and warehousing (14.3 percent), and retail trade (10.2 percent). Health care and social assistance held the largest share of the continued claims at 20.1 percent.


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