Doe licenses available through county treasurer’s office

Resident doe license applications are still being accepted with non-resident application processing starting next week.

County Treasurer Denny Munksgard said that his office was all caught up after the second day of processing applications but noted that about 2,000 applications came in on Wednesday “which now brings us back in the normal range.”

Without that boost on Wednesday, applications had been down.

“This is the first time in my county treasurer career that this has happened,” he said. “Other counties are receiving more, while others are receding a (un)precedented low amount of applications.”

Munksgard said his office had sold about 3,000 through Tuesday.

Warren County is split into two wildlife management units 1B and 2F. He said that there were still over 30,000 doe tags available in 1B and just over 23,000 in 1J.

Munksgard said 2F was leading the state in sales with nearly 13,000 processed.

“There doesn’t seem to be any consistency across the state,” he said. “There was anticipation we would have more applications with people out of work and needing food.”

He explained that the only changes to the licensing calendar was that the first day to purchase a license was pushed back a week in June and the period to purchase a landowner antlerless license was cut by one week.

“Antlerless license applications can arrive the second Monday in July each year,” he said. “A number of people state they are not thinking of hunting in the middle of the summer and thus forget to apply.”

Starting next Monday, he said that the county can receive and process non-resident applications.

“I expect we will have a significant number of allocations available for the Bonus round that begins” on August 3, he said.


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