COVID-19 cases in county now at 15

The COVID-19 tally in Warren County rose again on Wednesday.

The total, according to the Department of Health, is now 15, with nine confirmed cases and six probables.

Department of Health ZIP code data shows five confirmed cases and at least one probable in the 16365 area. All of that ZIP code lies within Warren County.

The department does not list exact numbers for areas that have less than five cases.

The 16351 ZIP code, which includes a small portion of Forest County, has at least one confirmed case and at least one probable. There is at least one confirmed and one probable case in the 16420 zip, which is fully within Warren County.

The 16354 (Titusville) and 16407 (Corry) ZIP codes have 10 and 13 confirmed cases, respectively, with at least one probable case each. Most of each of those zips is outside of Warren County.

The county’s first case was identified on March 24. There were two cases added in May, three in June, and nine so far in July.

Many of the patients who have tested positive may qualify as recovered.

According to the Department of Health, “if a case has not been reported as a death, and it is more than 30 days past the date of their first positive test (or onset of symptoms) then an individual is considered recovered.”

At least five cases in the county would be considered recovered under those guidelines. The sixth case was identified on June 30.

The ‘recovery’ period could be shorter.

“Patients that have validated positive tests, may still test positive, but may no longer be infectious,” Warren General Hospital Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer Joe Akif said. “With testing results taking between five and 12 days for results, it would be difficult to identify if individuals are still infectious.”

“All or some of these patients may have already been through their incubation, infectious and recovery time,” Akif said.

He was speaking theoretically, not about any particular cases. “Since we are not treating any of these patients at Warren General, it would be difficult to answer that question.”


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