11th COVID case is reported in Warren County

COVID-19 seems to be ramping up nationwide, in Pennsylvania, and even in Warren County.

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health announced the 11th case in the county.

The number of cases in the county has more than doubled since late June. From March through June 29, there were five Warren County cases. Since then, there have been six new cases.

Like most of the recent announcements, Wednesday’s new case was listed as “probable” on the department’s COVID-19 dashboard.

“Per information provided by the PA Department of Health and the CDC, people in the same household as an individual who is diagnosed with COVID are potentially at higher risk of contracting the COVID virus due of closer proximity interactions,” Warren County Public Information Officer Cecile Stelter said.

“I am understanding that this person is from an existing (COVID) household,” Warren General Hospital Chief Operations Officer and Chief Nursing Officer Dr. Joe Akif said.

“Close and extended exposures can lead to others in a household testing positive as well. This amplifies the need to understand quarantining and isolation practices.”

“We continue to encourage caution and care with all interactions and remind the public to social distance, wear masks, and wash their hands and use hand sanitizer,” Stelter said.

Saying a second wave of COVID could exceed the previous high level of new daily cases set in April, Gov. Tom Wolf and Health Secretary Rachel Levine announced Wednesday new, ‘targeted’ mitigation efforts intended to turn back the rising tide.

The department also announced that all nursing homes in the state must conduct universal testing in their facilities by July 24. Levine announced on Wednesday that 349 of the state’s 563 nursing homes had conducted and reported universal testing.

Information about testing at Warren County nursing homes was not immediately available.


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