Trump, Biden selected in primary election

The returns from Tuesday’s general election are decidedly without intrigue.

Warren County Republicans overwhelmingly selected President Donald Trump as its party nominee while the Democrats followed suit with former Vice President Joe Biden.

For Trump, 4,447 Republicans cast ballots with just shy of 400 going to other candidates or write-ins. Biden received 2,039 votes, well ahead of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders who finished second in the county with 334 votes.

Pending the adjudication of ballots by the Board of Elections on Friday, that places Republican turnout in the area of 30% with Democratic turnout slightly lower at about 27%.

Polling place-level data is available for download at warrenvotes.com.

Only one state-wide race was contested on Tuesday, that being the Democratic nomination for auditor general. Michael Lamb took 1,082 votes in Warren County, nearly 700 votes more than the closest of his five competitors and also took nearly 37% of the vote state-wide to easily with the nomination.

State Rep. Kathy Rapp will be unopposed this fall but state Sen. Scott Hutchinson will be challenged by Democrat Shelbie Stromyer.

The 15th Congressional District seat will include incumbent Republican Glenn Thompson against Democrat Robert Williams.

Glade Township’s Ash Khare — by over 1,000 votes — was the top vote-getter in the county for a spot as a GOP delegate but fell short throughout the rest of the 15th Congressional District.

Khare cited early voting as a challenge to his candidacy but said he “gave it a great try by doing the best I could.”

Long-lines bogged down Election Day last fall and that was not an issue on Tuesday between the heavy use of mail in balloting for the first time and the county’s decision to purchase additional machines.

“The mail in ballots worked great in reducing traffic to the polls,” Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said.

“As a result,” he added, those who “went to the polls had a very good experience. No lines. Very safe and efficient.”


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