Testing responsible for structure and vehicle fire alerts

Screen shot from PulsePoint The emergencies reported via PulsePoint at 100 Dillon Drive, Youngsville, the Warren County 911 Center, were not real fires.

It was a test. It was only a test.

Some county residents may have been concerned Wednesday afternoon about multiple fires at the county 911 center.

The PulsePoint app, which shows emergency notifications for a variety of situations in and around the county, sent out multiple pushes for 100 Dillon Drive, Suite 203, Youngsville.

There were two notifications about structure fires and one for a vehicle fire at that location Wednesday.

They were all the result of testing.

Warren County Public Safety Director Ken McCorrison said the county is conducting testing of a new communications platform.

The tests came out with positive results in connection with PulsePoint. That’s good, but there is no way to shut down PulsePoint notifications, McCorrison said.

Alerts for structure fires went out at 3:18 and 3:23 p.m.

The vehicle fire was reported at 3:26.

None of those alerts reflected real emergencies, McCorrison said. They were all tests.


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