Plea entered in case that centered on pudding dispute

Photo courtesy of Warren County Sheriff’s Office Adam L. Smith, 34, of Youngsville.

A Bear Lake man entered pleas to three sets of charges Thursday, including charges stemming from a pudding dispute at the Warren County Jail.

Adam L. Smith, 35, was before President Judge Gregory Hammond for change of plea proceedings.

At one docket, he pled guilty to simple assault and stalking while charges of aggravated assault and harassment were not prosecuted in exchange for the plea.

Those charges stem from a Jan. 27 incident at the Warren County Jail.

Warren City Police were dispatched to the Warren County Jail to speak with staff regarding an alleged assault of an inmate, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

After speaking with the staff, the victim was interviewed while at Warren General Hospital receiving medical attention for injuries sustained in the alleged assault.

The victim alleged that Smith had given him coffee earlier Monday morning with the victim giving Smith pudding at the next meal in return. The victim added that Smith was “upset at him” because Smith believed he had “already eaten a portion of the snack.”

The victim alleged that Smith slapped him in the face earlier in the day and upon going to speak with Smith about why he was upset, Smith began screaming in his face. Video surveillance within the jail showed this incident occurring at 5:25 p.m.

The victim stated he then shoved Smith away from him and Smith began walking away “still yelling.” Smith then walked over to the bathroom area to speak further with the victim about the matter.

Video surveillance then allegedly shows Smith “kick the victim and punch him six times in the face.”

Surveillance further showed the victim walk away from Smith, however Smith “walks towards the victim, who was now at his bed, and punches him in the face again.”

Medical records indicate that the victim suffered a “fractured left orbital floor and fractured left zygoma” as a result of the alleged incident.

He pled guilty to a count of institutional vandalism – educational facility at a second docket while charges of aggravated harassment by prisoner and disorderly conduct were not prosecuted.

Hammond said those charges stem from an incident in the holding call of the basement courtroom when Smith urinated on the bench and carpeted floor.

The third docket included a plea to a count of simple assault while charges of simple assault and harassment were not prosecuted.

Smith’s attorney, Henry Borger, said that Smith is “going to request a jury trial” on a fourth docket that includes a count of aggravated assault.

At that docket, police allege he assaulted a woman with a glass vase and threatened her with a gun and knife.


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