Fourth of July visitor rules set

Those visiting the Allegheny National Forest on the Fourth of July holiday are asked to remember forest rules during their visit.

Guidelines include:

¯ All fireworks, here on the Allegheny National Forest, are prohibited at developed recreation sites and in caves.

¯ Camping is prohibited within 1,500 feet of the following areas: the Allegheny Reservoir shoreline, Longhouse Drive, and portions of State Routes 59, 321, and 346.

¯ When traveling to and from a campsite, ensure chains are properly connected with any type of trailer. Dragging chains can easily spark wildfires.

¯ If a parking area for a trailhead or recreation site is full, don’t park on the side of the road and never park in tall, dry grass. The heat from a car can start a wildfire.

¯ Make sure a campfire is cold to the touch before leaving it:

¯ To completely extinguish a campfire, drown the fire with water, stir with a shovel, drown again and feel for any heat using the back of one’s hand. Continue this process until no heat remains.

¯ If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave.

To learn more about fire and recreation safety visit www.BeOutdoorSafe.org


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