Director: Municipalities have PPE needed during pandemic

The Warren County Council of Governments met this week for the first time since March.

Ken McCorrison, the county’s public safety director, told the municipal officials in attendance that he has been working with each municipality’s emergency management coordinator weekly until recently.

“(They) helped us make sure (the) responders had the appropriate personal protective equipment they needed,” he said, noting that there are no departments at a “critical need” for PPE.

Ensuring those needs continue to be met, he said, would be a function he would be “happy to continue to do.”

He also told the officials that a new tower on Oak Street went online on Tuesday and the “testing has gone very well” as they work to move the rest of the county’s responders to the new radio system.

From a blight perspective, County Planner Dan Glotz said “there is just nothing out there right now.”

“(We) need to, once everything really calms down, have a conversation with the municipalities about the blight,” Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said, noting there is a new state grant program available for blight remediation that requires shovel-ready projects.

There was discussion about potentially holding COG meetings via Zoom or Gotomeeting as a means to boost attendance.

COG consultant Alan Kugler said there’s potential in the idea but Glotz noted that if can be difficult “if you don’t have the right equipment.”

The presentation this week focused on stormwater management and the role of the municipality in that process.

Glotz explained that all the county’s municipalities adopted the same plan back in 2010 which was declined to be “something that wouldn’t be difficult” for the average homeowner but still meet the goals of the program.

While the stormwater management process only applies to new construction, Glotz reminded the municipal officials that they do have the authority to address trouble spots that were grandfathered into the process.

Both the regions’ long-range transportation plan and the four year transportation improvement program are out for public comment.

Glotz said comments can be made by calling the Northwest Commission office.


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