Phase 3 school work is due

Wednesday isn’t the last day of school in a traditional sense, but it is the day final projects come due for many students.

Still, the buses will run on Thursday for the last time this school year.

Online students are expected to have all of their application-based projects in all subjects turned in on Wednesday.

Students with insufficient access to internet — the many students in the district considered ‘offline’ — are asked to turn in packets Thursday morning.

“Warren County School District will be doing the two-hour delay schedule this Thursday to pick up Phase 3A (grades six through 12) and 3B (elementary) offline application-based projects,” Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Eric Mineweaser said.

“We’d like for them to be in some type of folder; clearly labeled with the student’s name; grade; and school,” Mineweaser said. “Additionally, they need to be sure their full name is on each application-based project being handed in.”

Online students may turn in their packets in person if they printed the work. “We’d prefer them to send it electronically,” Mineweaser said.

Similarly, students could take their packets to their schools. “Again, we’d prefer they be at their bus stops,” he said.

Turning in materials online and at the buses helps keep crowds from gathering at schools. Anyone turning in a packet at a school is asked to wear a mask and gloves and practice social distancing.

Except in pre-approved situations, “Anything handed in after Friday, May 22, at 3 p.m. is considered late,” Mineweaser said.

In addition to picking up the Phase 3 packets, the bus runs will enable students to return things like textbooks and library books. Like the packets, those materials should be clearly labeled with the student’s name, school, and grade.

“Those need to be labeled so we know where these items need to go upon their return to the school,” Mineweaser said.

Teachers will have their grades done by Wednesday, May 27, according to Mineweaser. “Students should expect to see it all in the gradebooks by May 28 or 29 at the latest.”

“Students (and parents) can still get on Access and view the MP4 grade which is considered the ‘Application-Based Project,'” he said. “The student should see the grade in the electronic gradebook by May 28 or 29 at the latest.”

It’s not over yet, but in terms of the continuity of education plan, the end of the year is running fairly smoothly.

“There were a few questions here and there but, overall, this phase went well,” said Mineweaser.


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