Commissioners: What gets Warren County into ‘Green’ phase?

The Warren County Commissioners want to know what criteria would need to be met for the state the county from the “Yellow” phase of reopening to “Green.”

They’ve set up a task force aimed at making recommendations to the governor in that regard.

Commissioner Ben Kafferlin said the commissioners met with State Representative Kathy Rapp on Wednesday morning to discuss the “potential” of the county “going green.

“The state doesn’t have any definition yet to what green means,” he said, suggesting the “best outcome from that meeting (would be to) form a group that would actually make some recommendations” about what a move to “Green” would look like here.

To those ends, the Commissioners during Wednesday’s meeting created the “Move to Green Task Force.”

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston, who made the motion, suggested that Kafferlin chair it and said the “group would be tasked with producing the county’s officials plan to be sent to the governor’s office to lead (the) state and county in both moving forward into ‘Green’ and also beyond the ‘Green’ phase.'”

He said a report would be due from the Task Force by Friday, May 22.

Commissioner Tricia Durbin said she is “looking forward to putting some details around going ‘Green'” and “getting input from the community (and) approaching the governor to help him help us make (that) decision.”

Kafferlin emphasized that the county didn’t issue the business closure order.

“We don’t have the authority to release them, either,” he said, explaining that he has been advocating at the state level that the county go “Green” as the “consequence of an extremely low infection rate.”

He said testing in the county has been “comparable to other counties in the Commonwealth” on a per capita basis.

“I think this is the next step,” he said, explaining he has been asking for a definition for “Green” for a couple weeks without response.

“It is time for us to step up and make a recommendation” on what “Green” looks like “especially for our county.”

He said he would seek political and medical representation on the task force.

In other news, the commissioners acting as the Board of Elections approved the placement of a ballot box just inside the Fifth Ave. entrance to the courthouse. Elections Director Lisa Rivett said the box would be placed later in the day on Wednesday and checked daily.

The commissioners also signed off on the creation of the Warren County Broadband Task Force and approved $2,000 in funding for a community garden project in Sheffield.


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