WCSD’s Phase 2 begins Thursday online and offline

The school buses will be out again on Thursday.

They won’t be hauling students.

Instead, like the last time they ran in Warren County, the buses will deliver packets of educational materials. The second phase of Warren County School District’s continuity of education plan kicks off Thursday, April 16.

Only those students who do not have sufficient internet access to receive materials online — and all students who attend Youngsville Middle High School — will need to meet the buses.

“There is online delivery of Phase 2,” Superintendent Amy Stewart said. “Schools have lists of which students are online and which students are offline. Only offline students are getting a packet via the bus.”

The buses will run on a two-hour-delay schedule.

They will stop at their usual locations. Drivers and district personnel will give packets of Phase 2 materials to students or family members — who need to receive materials offline — at the stops.

The packets will contain review and enrichment materials prepared by each student’s teachers.

Teachers and paraprofessionals will be available to help students and will check in with students. Teachers will report to building principals any barriers students are facing.

Phase 2 materials are expected to last students through April 27.

“Phase 2 is enrichment and review but more student-specific provided by their own teachers,” Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Eric Mineweaser said. “Though this phase isn’t graded, it will certainly assist us as teachers work with students online and offline prior to gearing up for Phase 3A application-based projects that are counted for grading in Grades 6-12.”

The Phase 1 packets included general enrichment and review materials by grade levels. Phase 3 will include instructional material and will be graded. Students — both online and offline — will be required to “attend classes.” Phase 3 packets are scheduled for delivery on April 28.

Grades for the fourth marking period will be based on the Phase 3 work.

Students’ grades for the third marking period are being compiled and will be delivered with Phase 3.


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