Teachers, students, parents interacting as Phase 3 approaches

Teachers are reporting that Phase 2 of the Warren County School District’s Continuity of Education plan is coming along. They say there have been successful communications with both students who have suitable internet access and those who don’t. They will have increasing contact with the students over the next few weeks as Phase 3 begins, and they are thanking the parents for their efforts so far, and encourage them to keep it up.

“I have received a lot of photos of offline STEM projects back from kids through email,” Mandy McBriar said. “They seem to be enjoying the projects; some have even completed more than required. “The parents I have spoken with are taking it one day at a time and doing the best they can,” she said. “They appreciate the support of the school district and also really appreciated the check-in call.”

“It has been a fast and steep learning curve for teachers — communicating through email, phone, and online platforms,” Anna Bielawski said. “It can be really overwhelming trying to provide for everyone and their unique needs — worrying that we aren’t doing enough or missed someone or something. “Fortunately, the school district and school building administrations have been working crazy hard to make sure that everyone is informed as the days ebb and flow,” she said. “They’ve been encouraging, and they are doing all they can to make sure that everyone is getting the best possible education.”


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