School district updates FAQs as best it can

Without students in the schools, some typical end-of-year events are more complicated.

Cleaning out lockers, proms, graduations, distribution of yearbooks, caps and gowns, etc.

Updates to the Warren County School District’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages — including a page that specifically responds to concerns of this year’s seniors — address those and other concerns.

At the top of the list: Graduation will be held on June 5.

What it will look like is up in the air.

The district is making a list of options and will consider those in conjunction with what is permissible under public health restrictions and Pennsylvania Department of Education rules.

“Proms will need to be canceled or rescheduled,” according to the FAQ.

Grades for the third marking period will be sent home this month.

Grades for the last marking period of the year will be based upon application-based projects that will be delivered with the district’s continuity of education plan — Phase 3.

District officials do not expect any changes to class rank due to the COVID-19 closure, as students who demonstrate the required competencies in the application-based projects will receive the same scores.

Seniors who think they may have been failing a course are urged to contact their principals and/or counselors to see if the result of the fourth marking period will bring those grades to passing and, if not, what can be done to make up those courses.

There will be refunds for spring sports payments. In cases where pre-payment for spring or senior trips were made, those dollars will also be refunded.

Some of the answers aren’t specific, but the district is working on them.

“Yearbooks are on track and submitted from each school,” according to the FAQ. “That being said, we are hearing there may be some delays, as those companies printing the yearbooks are operating with less employees.”

“Senior awards will still be distributed. At this point, we do not know how this will be done.”

Caps and gowns? “We don’t know how they will be distributed yet, but as we get closer to graduation, information will be coming from your principal.”

As far as lockers, “We are in the process of planning how this will work. Once we determine the best way to do this, your building principals will be in touch with a timeline and a plan.”

The district hopes to be able to offer 21st Century programming remotely, once it is authorized to do so.

Students who count on a spring sport for PE substitution have a couple of options. The primary one is completing the physical education portion of the application-based project. Seniors who participated in multiple sports during a previous year may work with their principals, counselors, or athletic directors to confirm completion.

The district has purchased an app and hopes to have it up and running soon to help streamline communications with the public.


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