Phase 3 is here

WCSD students in 6th through 12th will be graded

Secondary students in Warren County School District will be back to doing graded work this week.

The delivery of application-based projects for grades 6 through 12 will take place Tuesday, April 28.

Online students will be able to access their packets.

For the district’s offline students, those who signed up for hard-copy packets, and all students at Youngsville Middle High School, packets will be delivered via school buses.

“Phase 3A delivery for offline is exactly the same as Phase 2, utilizing the two-hour delay bus schedule,” Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Eric Mineweaser said.

Offline students who do not ride a bus may pick up their packets at their schools.

Every Youngsville Middle High School student, both online and offline, will have a packet prepared for them for pick-up or bus delivery.

“Some have novels, consumables, outlines… to keep students on track, art supplies, a print-out of virtual meetings,” Principal Amy Beers said. “It’s individualized based on each student’s needs and their schedules.”

Numbers from Warren Area High School indicate that more than two-thirds of students are in the “online” group, with the remainder either offline or opting for hard-copies. Still, the school has been in contact with every student, Mineweaser said.

Part of the difficulty the district had in adjusting to the needs of education continuity is that many students do not have sufficient internet access, according to Superintendent Amy Stewart.

The application-based packets will be the only graded work for students during the fourth grading period of the 2019-2020 school year.

Students who complete projects, meet the competencies, and return them on time will receive grades of 100 percent for the marking period.

Those who complete the project for a class and do not meet the competencies will receive grades of 59 percent. Those who do not complete the packets will receive 40 percent as their fourth marking period grades in those classes.

Students who meet the competencies, but return their packets after the May 22 deadline will receive grades of 70 percent, according to Mineweaser.

Online projects are to be submitted to teachers by Wednesday, May 20.

Offline projects are due Thursday, May 21, and will be picked up via a bus run — on a two-hour-delay schedule.

For those who miss those dates, projects must be turned in to their schools by Friday, May 22, to receive full credit.

Teachers will then begin grading the packets. ” This also allows time for grades to be entered into the electronic gradebook; grades verified and report cards run; senior failure notification; senior class rank notification; summer school preparation; and so on,” Mineweaser said. “Building principals will be working with their teaching staff to view any potential application-based projects that do not meet the satisfactory mark in order to receive the passing grade of 100 percent.”

Elementary students

During the first part of Phase 3, elementary students will continue working on review and enrichment materials. Teachers are working on planned instruction for elementary students, Mineweaser said.

The district will “onboard” elementary grade levels when the necessary preparations are complete — Phase 3B.

For Phase 3A, teachers will provide review and enrichment for Grades K-5. As an additional layer, teachers will provide an instructional English Language Arts or reading component for Phase 3B. Teachers (K-5) are being recorded teaching a lesson. These lessons will be burned onto DVDs and will be available online. Phase 3B for elementary will be available during the week of May 4th. None of the K-5 activities will be graded.


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