Teachers share behind-the-scenes look at life at home in video message to students

Mrs. VanOrd sends a video with her chickens in the background to students at Eisenhower Elementary.

Eisenhower Elementary School teachers and administrators spent 22 minutes and 44 seconds telling their students how much they miss them.

“We miss our students and just wanted to say hello!,” Jeanette Walter, Library Media Specialist, posted on YouTube.

She also read a book to the kids, who teachers call “NOBLE Knights” throughout the video.

NOBLE stands for “Nurturing,” “Open-minded,” “Be extraordinary,” “Leader,” and “Engaged.”

The unique aspect of the video is the amount of time employees spent opening up their own homes and farms to their students.

“You’re not going to be able to come for Green Day so here are my chickens and they even laid some eggs,” said Mrs. VanOrd. “My challenge to you is for you to go out and do something ‘green.’ You couldn’t come to Green Day, but you can always do something ‘green.’

Mrs. Brendlinger showed off her horses and goats in the video and Mrs. Lindell has been “spending time with these cute little calfs… and sometimes I come out and hang out with the big cows.”

Viewers get to meet Mr. Pollard’s entire family on the farm.

“It’s Mr. Pollard at his house, sitting quietly, like a mouse;

“It’s Mrs. Pollard, my wife, my spouse, she lives with me here at the house;

“This is James, he is my son, yes he is the only one;

“The puppy’s name is Bernaby, he is sitting on my knee;

“This is Pippin, he’s my dog, he is sleeping like a log;

“This is Lala, she’s my cat, please don’t tell her that she’s fat;

“We all live here on the farm, let’s all go out to the barn;

“This is Alby, he’s my horse, he is very big, of course;

“This is a pony, his name is Every, he thinks he’s so very clever;

“And later, our cats on the farm, they live out here in the barn;

“Some roosters, some chickens, and a goose, they run around here on the loose;

“You’ve met my family and my pets, is this COVID over yet?”

The message was not without serious instruction from Mrs. Wagner, school nurse, on “washing those hands for 20 seconds at a time” and Mrs. Stanton reminding students “to practice life skills with your parents,” maybe cooking bacon, dancing, or doing some mechanic work while at home.

And Mrs. Lindell showed off her Penn State and Green Bay Packers masks during the coronavirus pandemic that has closed the school.

“That’ll be me,” she said if you see someone in those masks.

The teachers also reminded students they are preparing Phase 3 instruction and to reach out to them if they need help.

For the entire video, visit https://youtu.be/6q1Le-nvpZA.


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