WGH announces furloughs

Warren General Hospital is furloughing some of its personnel in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The furloughed positions will not be those that would handle additional work due to the public health emergency.

“Today, Rick Allen, Warren General Hospital CEO, announced the temporary furlough of Warren General Hospital and Warren Medical Group staff,” according to a Thursday release. “After careful review of each department and service line, positions were identified where the mandated cancellation/delay of outpatient and elective services has and will continue to decrease volume.”

” This is a temporary furlough, meaning a reduction of hours and pay,” Allen said. “Each individual affected will continue to receive benefits and their position will be secured throughout the furlough.”

Like many businesses that have had their operations reduced or completely shut down by various responses to the pandemic, the hospital is making personnel changes.

“The Governor of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Department of Health have mandated that all outpatient and elective hospital procedures be canceled/delayed during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Allen said. “With 60% to 80% of Warren General Hospital’s gross revenue derived through outpatient and elective procedures, this mandate is having a significant, negative impact on the hospital’s ability to meet payroll and other financial commitments. In order to maintain the hospital’s fiscal stability, leadership is forced to reduce expenses involving some very difficult decisions.”


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