For teachers:

Teachers, much like students, are going to have to wait out the school closure for the most part.

“At this time, teachers are permitted to make arrangements to come into the building to get materials, but cannot stay and work in their rooms,” according to a Warren County School District press release.

“The district, in this type of situation, is expected to identify employees essential to the operation of the district,” according to the release. “The same set of employees expected to report on a snow day are expected to report during the school closure to continue the operation of district functions. In addition, in order to provide food for students and to continue the cleaning effort needed for the safety of students and staff, some cafeteria employees and all class B custodians will need to work as well.

“All employee work schedules could change at some point as further information becomes known.

“How will the district address and resolve the unprecedented labor issues and questions related to this mandatory school closure? The district met with WCESPA leadership on Friday, March 13th, and will continue to meet, as needed.

“The district spoke with WCEA leadership on Friday, March 13th, and will continue to meet, as needed.

“If it becomes necessary to deviate from the collectively bargained agreements, the district and the bargaining unit leadership will work together to address and resolve unforeseen circumstances.”


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