County shutdown extended

An initial shutdown of Warren County governmental operations originally slated to expire on March 30 has been extended for at least another week.

According to a statement from the county, “most county workers will continue to be on leave or will work from home until Monday, April 6th.”

The action is taken to “ensure the safety of our staff and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Warren County.

“Some directors and essential personnel are still working. Please call these offices to set up appointments to conduct business at the courthouse.”

Here are the offices that will be closed except by appointment: Tax Claim, Elections, Veterans Affairs, Planning and Zoning, Treasurer, Finance & Human Resources, Register and Recorder and Assessment.

“The Register and Recorder’s office will continue to be available for deed transfers, but all transfers must be made via appointment,” the statement states. “The Jail and 911 will remain open as essential functions, although all visitation to the Jail and 911 continues to be stopped.”

Additionally, Forest-Warren Human Services and the county’s Children and Youth Services have “closed all non-essential functions.

“Most employees will continue to work remotely to ensure the health and safety of families. Administration, including directors and supervisors, will continue to work in the office intermittently. Each department continues to follow the mandates of their respective offices. The main office number will be answered during normal business hours.”


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