Property owners — one in state prison — on hook for sewer bills

Following a hearing this week in magisterial court, City of Warren property owners, including one who is serving time in state prison, are on the hook for sewer bills and legal fees.

District Justice Raymond Zydonik decided in favor of the plaintiffs — the Mayor and Council of the City of Warren — in the case against Franklyn Geiger and Joyce Miles, listed owners of 413 Hazel Street.

Geiger began serving a sentence of 92 to 184 months in 2016 on charges including corrupt organizations, possession with intent to deliver, and cruelty to animals.

Geiger owned numerous properties in the city.

Among the many charges in the police affidavit of probable cause, Geiger had tenants and employees who bought and sold drugs for him, some paying rent in part or in full through selling drugs.

The Tuesday hearing was attended by city staff, Miles, and Geiger — by teleconference.

The city filed the civil complaint against Miles and Geiger in October, claiming they owed $4,497.21 for sewer bills plus costs for a period extending from Oct. 23, 2012, through July 23, 2019.

Zydonik found in favor of the city, issuing judgment in the amount of $7,364.81 — a claim judgment of $4,768.73 plus $2,596.08 in legal fees.

Some of Geiger’s other former properties have been causing a legal squabble between the city and Warren County. Three properties that were forfeited by Geiger after his arrest ended up property of the Warren County Commissioners without their knowledge. The city has asked the commissioners, as legal owners, to pay for the maintenance issues at the properties. The commissioners have refused.


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