Level the field

DPW makes way for new playground

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry The remains of the wooden play structure at Beaty Playground is on the ground Monday afternoon. City crews removed the structure. It will be replaced by a new structure in the spring.

The demolition of the wooden play structure at Beaty Playground began Monday.

It also wrapped up on Monday.

A city crew handled the demolition.

There is more to be done to prepare for the installation of the new GameTime play structure, but the 40-year-old wooden structure is gone.

Decades of wood chips will have to be removed and new material put in its place.

Caution tape has been installed at the site.

The installation of the new structure is expected to begin in April, again with a city crew handling the work.

The city already has the new play structure. It is currently in storage at the city warehouse.


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