PennDOT to begin Automated Work Zone Speed Pre-Enforcement

PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) has announced the beginning of the required 60-day pre-enforcement period for the statewide Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement (AWZSE.)

The AWZSE program was established by the Pa. General Assembly in Act 86 of 2018 and will last until March 4, 2020. It uses vehicle-mounted systems to detect and record motorists exceeding the posted work zone speed limits using electronic speed timing devices.

During the pre-enforcement period, automated speed enforcement units will be present in active work zones, but violations will not be issued. The areas will be marked with signage in advance of the enforcement area. Locations will also be posted on the project website, WorkZoneCameras.PennDOT.gov.

AWZSE units will only be present in active work zones where workers are present.

Once enforcement begins on March 4, 2020, registered owners caught speeding in work zones will be issued a warning letter for a first offense. A second offense will include a violation notice and a $75 fine. A third offense or more will receive a violation notice and a $150 fine.

These violations will be considered civil penalties and no points will be assessed to driver’s licenses.

“It’s important to remember that the Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement program isn’t about issuing violations, it’s about saving lives,” said acting PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian. “The goal is to encourage motorists to slow down in work zones, change their behavior and ultimately improve safety for both motorists and workers.”

In 2018, 1,804 work zone crashed occurred in Pa., 43 percent of them ending in fatalities and/or injuries. A total of 23 fatalities due to work zone collisions were reported.

“When a crash occurs in an active work zone, it’s just as likely to result in death or injury to a driver or passenger inside that vehicle,” said Pa. Turnpike CEO Mark Compton. “This program is about protecting everybody’s safety. If not for these workers in an active work zone, I ask you to slow down for yourself and other travelers.”

For more information on the AWZSE program, including a list of projects where units will be present, visit WorkZoneCameras.PennDOT.gov.


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