Officials talk ideas for voter feedback

An avenue to solicit voter feedback was discussed by the Warren County Commissioners on Monday.

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston proposed having survey cards made “that poll workers can hand to people coming through the polling booths” to gather feedback on items such as wait times as well as use of the machines “kind of as a post-election followup.”

He said it would “give the public, because they’re there anyway, an opportunity to get feedback in.”

Eggleston said it is “hard to gauge what the public’s view of the voting machines really is” as those who don’t have issues don’t typically comment.

The surveys could be done on an ongoing basis and wouldn’t have to take place in every precinct, focusing on those places that saw the most significant challenges in the last election.

He said the survey would give an opportunity for the public “to be present and provide feedback easily” and “gives people the opportunity to have a voice in the process. If we give the cards to people who have voted, we know people are engaged in the process.”

The data, he said, could also be used to determine what public education efforts might be needed.

“I’m not opposed to it,” Commissioner Ben Kafferlin said while Commissioner Tricia Durbin also gave blessing to proceed.

“If (there is) something to solve for,” she said, “we want to get that feedback.”

Eggleston said survey results could also be utilized to determine “how we educate the public on how to use the machines.”


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