Good neighbors

Fire Dept. checks in on Library Theatre

Photo courtesy of Eric Morelli/Struthers Library Theatre City of Warren firefighters check out the interior of Struthers Library Theatre after a fire alarm Thursday morning.

The City of Warren Fire Department responded to a report of a fire at Struthers Library Theatre on Thursday.

As it turned out, there was no fire, but there was an emergency situation.

“When we first came in, it looked like smoke,” Executive Director Wendy McCain said. “The fire department promptly came over.”

The alarm went off because of a loss of water pressure — a common indicator that a sprinkler system has engaged.

Then, passersby reported that they saw smoke.

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry The City of Warren Fire Department responded to a firm alarm Thursday morning at Struthers Library Theatre.

Firefighters got to the truth of the matter.

“They discovered that there was not a fire, but in fact, the water pipe broke in the elevator shaft,” McCain said. “What looked like smoke was actually steam.”

There were no injuries related to the problem.

A full evaluation of the facility has barely begun.

“We’ve contacted a plumber and our insurance company,” McCain said. “We don’t know the extent of the damage.”

“We appreciate the fire department coming so promptly,” she said. The department and the theater are literally neighbors.

But, better than the response time, to McCain, were the actions of the individuals. Firefighters have to get at problem areas in a hurry.

“What I really appreciated was that they were considerate of the building,” she said. “They did have a respect for the historic nature of the building. They were protective of it, conscientious of it, and respectful of the theater.”

So, despite there being no fire, there will be some damages. But they could have been worse.