Expect a left turn with a warm-weather weekend

A storm in the south-central United States that is leading to tornado warnings in Oklahoma and the possibility of snow in Texas is bringing happier tidings to northwestern Pennsylvania.

“Temperatures are well above average (here) as a storm digs into the central part of the country,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Michael Colbert said.

He said “a trough digging down into Texas” is forming a ridge that’s pushing a lot of warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico to Warren County.

That is resulting in a respite from cold temperatures.

“The very warmest temperatures last into Sunday,” Colbert said.

Then, some cold air will move through Sunday afternoon, but, “the cold air doesn’t stick around very long. By Monday we start moderating again, highs on Monday around 45, 45 again on Tuesday. (The) upper 40s on Wednesday.”

More seasonal temperatures will return toward the end of the week.

Parts of the state might experience some thunder — rare for this time of year. Colbert said the odds of that in Warren County are low.


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