On The Record

Brokenstraw Township

DUI Collision. At 1 a.m., Tuesday, November 19, Stephen E. Breon, 34, of Youngsville, was traveling east on Old Pittsfield Road when he allegedly lost control of his vehicle while negotiating a right curve in the roadway. Breon’s vehicle then entered the oncoming lane of traffic and hit a mailbox with the driver side rear taillight area. Breon’s vehicle then reentered the eastbound lane where it hit a tree with the 12 o’clock position. The vehicle then entered the Brokenstraw Creek becoming partially submerged. Breon was able to exit the vehicle without assistance. Breon was charged with driving on the right side of roadway. Breon was allegedly found to be driving under the influence and was charged with DUI through District Court 37-4-01.


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