Unofficial election trends begin to resemble results

The trends revealed in partial election returns late Tuesday held as full returns came in overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.

Republicans Ben Kafferlin and Tricia Durbin finished the night with 4,058 and 3,891 votes respectively, securing two of the seats on the next board of commissioners.

Democrat Jeff Eggleston took the third spot with 2,237 votes over fellow Democrat Paul Giannini, who finished with 1,711.

Unofficial results from the county Election Office indicate that turnout was 27.75 percent – 8,415 voters out of a total of 30,322.

The race for three seats on Warren City Council was much tighter.

While Republicans John Wortman and Christian Zavinski easily secured seats (897 and 814 votes, respectively), the contest for the third seat has a 12 vote spread.

Election night results give the seat to incumbent Democrat Phil Gilbert by 12 votes – 598 to 586 – over fellow Democrat Douglas Hearn. Democrat Aaron Stearns came in 27 votes behind Hearn.

The county election website – warrenvotes.com – notes that absentee and write-in votes are not included in the total.

Write-in votes will be formally counted by the Board of Elections on Friday at 9 a.m. at the Warren County Courthouse.

The only contested school board seat was in Region III, the northern portion of the county.

Incumbent Marcy Morgan is through with 1,586 votes as is Republican Kevin Lindvay who won the second available seat 1,355 to 794 over Democrat Kim Angove.

Voters in Warren County also overwhelmingly retained Judge Gregory Hammond for another 10 year term – 87 percent (5,414 votes) yes to 778 votes (12.6 percent) no. Hammond also received a “yes” vote in Forest County by a three-to-one margin.

The two Republican candidates for Superior Court – Megan McCarthy King and Christylee Peck – took Warren County with 4,327 and 4,041 votes respectively. Democrats Daniel D. McCaffrey and Amanda Green-Hawkins finished with 1,959 and 1,903.

State-wide, though, the race is much tighter for the two available seats on the bench,

Election data from the Department of State with 96.08 percent of precincts reporting shows McCaffery with an 8,000 vote lead over King – 1,210,338 to 1,202,328. Green-Hawkins is in third with 1,173,996 with Peck in last with 1,119,849.

Though there’s question as to whether the votes constitutional amendment question on crime victim rights will ever be counted and whether the amendment will go into effect as it faces pending legal challenges, voters in the county and across the state overwhelmingly approved the measure.

It was affirmed in the county 4,974 to 1,361 – 79 to 21 percent. State-wide, approval was granted 74 percent to 26 percent.


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