Preliminary hearings

Four guilty pleas were entered while charges were withdrawn against two defendants during preliminary hearings held on Wednesday.

The following defendants pled guilty:

¯ Brittany C. Breon, Warren, to defiant trespass. At a second docket, Breon pled guilty to defiant trespass and harassment. A count of disorderly conduct engage in fighting was withdrawn.

¯ Cynthia M. Reid, Warren, to theft by unlawful taking.

¯ Courtney M. Sliter, Pittsfield, to possession of drug paraphernalia. A count of possession of controlled substance was withdrawn. At a second docket, Sliter pled guilty to possession of a controlled substance while a count of possession of drug paraphernalia was withdrawn.

¯ Kelly W. Mitchell, Clarendon, to marijuana – small amount personal use and driving an unregistered vehicle. Charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and turning movements and required signals were withdrawn.

Charges were withdrawn against the following:

¯ Donna M. Hogan, Warren. Hogan had been charged with simple assault and harassment. Charges of disorderly conduct engage in fighting and public drunkenness were re-categorized as a non-traffic offense.

¯ Steven M. Klark, Warren. Klark faced charges burglary – overnight accommodation, no person present and criminal trespass – break into structure.