PennDOT weathers through the weather

Winter may be upon us – or nearly upon us – but work will continue on major construction projects on two of the county’s busiest roadways.

Crews on Rt. 62/Market St. are “still actively working on it at this time,” PennDOT Press Officer Jill Harry said, noting there is “work scheduled this week.”

Perhaps the most visible aspects of the project that are outstanding include some side road tie-ins and line painting, especially on Market St. between Second Ave. and Fifth Ave.

Harry said crews are “going to come in and do some line painting.”

She explained, though, that the line markings will be temporary as the kind of paint planned for the project cannot be applied in the cold. The permanent line painting will be done in the spring.

That’s in addition to some proposed tie-ins scheduled to be completed before winter sets in for good.

Harry noted, though, that such work is weather permitting.

“All of that is scheduled to be done this week,” she added.

New poles and mast arms that will display new traffic signage also remains uncompleted but Harry said that crews are “waiting on delivery of some of the items that they need to install some of the signage.”

Those deliveries will hopefully occur by the end of the year and crews “can do that kind of work during the winter,” Harry said. “Once they have obtained everything they need, they will start working on that stuff.”

She said the goal there is to have that element of the project completed by late February.

Harry noted that temporary traffic markings would be put down for winter and replaced permanently in the spring on the Pennsylvania Ave. East project.


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