Just as no one knows Peter LemonJello, no one knows when the official vote count will be done

If you thought it took too long to vote on Tuesday, take heed — it’s taking just as long to complete the count.

In a process that used to take just a couple hours, the board was in session all day and well into the evening on Friday adjudicating write-in votes on nearly 2,400 ballots and paper ballots for “ambiguous marks” and well as tracking those municipal offices that had no “on the ballot” candidates.

Fortunately, state election law doesn’t require that the board finish the count on Friday, though it was the board’s preference to push past business hours to try to get it done.

Progress was slow as each of the ballots had to reviewed individually — the 2,400 total was down to 1,500 after about five hours of review.

Many of the customary write-in votes were cast — Mickey Mouse pulled well, generally better than Donald Duck.

Interestingly, the name “Pee Wee” was accepted for votes in Pine Grove Township. The board discussed that write-in candidate Charles Morrison goes by “Pee Wee” and accepted “Pee Wee” without the last name as it showed voter intent.

“Jake from State Farm” also picked up a vote for county treasurer while the board questioned whether votes for “Claude Henry Smoot” and “Peter LemonJello” were actual people.

“Santa” also got a vote for treasurer but we’re pretty sure he doesn’t live in Warren County (though you could have confused Warren for the North Pole for a bit on Friday morning).

Some people used their votes to express their views on the offices up for election, with write-in votes of “nepotism” and “all in the family.”

Perhaps the most creative vote was for a township supervisor position — “Captain Cave Man.”

Final tallies were unavailable by press time on Friday night.

With the courthouse closed for Veteran’s Day on Monday, it will likely be Tuesday before final results will be available.


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