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The Warren County Commissioners know they have some decisions to make before the next election.

Whether that means more voting machines, paper ballots or some other solution, they’re starting the discussion soon.

During Monday’s work session, Commissioner Ben Kafferlin proposed an “after-action review” on the last week’s election.

“We need to discuss ultimately how we can speed things up for the next election,” he said. “The discussion should be had in the relatively near future.”

Should the county want to amend the agreement with Dominion, the county’s voting machine provider, the county “would want to do that quickly.”

The commissioners agreed to devote next week’s work session – Monday at noon – for that purpose.

“Whatever we do,” Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said, “we really need to make a decision on that in short order.”

Next week’s work session will be set aside to discuss the issue. The commissioners are typically the Board of Elections but can’t so serve when they are up for election so the current board includes Ed Burris, Dan Glotz and Kim Exley, who will be invited to the work session, as well.

Burris said it is good to get the discussion going.

“The next election could be a lot worse and is going to be here very quickly,” he said. “There are going to be a lot of things that need to be done either electronically” or on paper.


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