County divvies up CDBG funds

Warren County has divvied up it’s share of federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

Four projects were outlined during a public hearing and subsequently approved by the Warren County Commissioners during meetings held on Wednesday.

Grants Administrator Lorri Dunlap said that the first project would provide handicapped accessibility to the community center at the North Warren Presbyterian Church. She said the project would include a ramp, replace a door and re-do the curb cut.

“That is a polling place,” she noted, saying it is “especially important” that the place by accessible.

The second project would be to replace water service lines in Pine Grove Township for “eligible households,” Dunlap said, explaining that the township is doing a “multi-street replacement of the water main.”

She said that will require any property owner with galvanized steel or cast iron to replace their water line connection.

“We estimate $1,500 a line,” she said, noting it “probably won’t cost that much.”

She said the expectation is to assist 18 households.

The third project outline would re-build Center St. in Bear Lake Borough where CDBG funds were utilized previously to address stormwater issues.

The last project discussed is the destruction of a building in Youngsville Borough at 1 E. Main St.

Dunlap said the building is “falling down” and “caving in” and that the estimate to demolish the structure is $60,000.

She said the county has a limit for just projects and said the CDBG program can contribute $59,500 and said the borough will cover any additional cost in addition to asbestos inspection and removal, which the borough has already paid for.

She also said that some of the funding – $43,000 – will be held for administration, which addresses her salary as well as advertising and training costs.

The commissioners subsequently approved those projects.


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