3 County properties remain on watchlist

Three derelict properties that the county commissioners own were back before the City of Warren Redevelopment Authority on Wednesday.

The parcels are located at 414 Laurel St. and 11 and 13 Madison Ave. in the City of Warren.

They were transferred to the county after seizure as part of a criminal plea several years ago.

Terry Williams, the city’s director of codes, permitting and recreation services, told the RDA on Wednesday that the city has issued notices of violation for the conditions of the sidewalks but said the county asked the city not take further action until the legal status of the properties could be determined.

Williams noted that the next step in the Codes Department would be issuing citations through the magistrate’s office.

“We’re in communication with the county solicitor to let them know of the current situation,” she said, noting it was initially brought before the RDA to determine whether the RDA would take them as the county had expressed interest in giving the properties to the city.

But city staff at the RDA’s last meeting raised concerns about the cost to repair the sidewalk and demolish the structure at 13 Madison Ave. – estimated at approximately $15,000.

Williams said the RDA asked that the county be represented at Wednesday’s meeting but said “they’re not prepared to come to the meetings to discuss this.”

“The Codes Department will continue forward with the enforcement actions on the sidewalks,” Williams said.

Authority member Michael Boyd asked why the county is waiting to discuss the properties and Williams cited court action which “has been clarified for the county, that they do in fact own the properties.

“City legal staff will contact the county and get everybody on the same page there.”

The RDA then heard from codes staff about the condition of the property.

Code Official Ken Hinton said the sidewalk at 414 Laurel St. “is bad” but acknowledged that “Laurel St. isn’t one of those heavily traveled streets. (It’s) not a real, real concern but it is in bad shape.

Code Official Jessica Roudybush said that the sidewalks at 11 Madison are “pretty chewed up as well” and are “pretty heavily traveled.” At 13 Madison, the sidewalk condition is “ok” with a block or two missing.

Authority member Marty McQuillan asked if the county would be willing to share in the concrete expense and Williams said they are “waiting for (that) conversation to take place.”

The RDA also removed a series of properties from the city’s blighted property list:

¯ 237 Buchanan St. has been rehabbed to some degree and is on the real estate market.

¯ 204 E. Fifth Ave. has been demolished.

¯ 714 W. Fifth Ave., owned by the RDA, has also been demolished and the debris removed.

¯ 103 N. South St. is occupied and occupied structures cannot be considered blighted.

¯ 511 1/2 East St. as the structures were demolished and removed.


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