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2021 still target for roundabout start

Times Observer art by Dave Ferry In this unofficial illustration composited from a 2018 photo of the Market Street and Pennsylvania intersection by Josh Cotton with elements from the existing roundabout in Waterford, Warren area residents can see an approximation of what they might expect when construction on the planned roundabout is complete after construction begins in 2021. Roundabout features are not to scale.

It’s still going to be a while before ground is broken to bring a roundabout to Warren.

But work continues behind the scenes to bring it here.

“2021 is still the target for construction at the Pennsylvania Avenue/Market Street roundabout,” PennDOT District Press Office Jill Harry said. “Right now, it is in the preliminary engineering phase.

“We are reviewing design aspects and continuing the right of way activities.”

We won’t get a look at what the finished product will look like until the project moves to final design.

Harry said that PennDOT “will share that information once it is finalized and the project is ready for construction.

PennDOT has been pushing public information sessions for a multi-lane roundabout in Meadville.

“Because it is the first of its kind of this region, the press office has coordinated several public outreaches,” Harry said. “This was in response to requests from the residents for those opportunities. The sessions have been either informational booths with one-on-one question and answer time, or a short formal presentation and then question and answer with the entire group.”

She said that they have also posted information videos on a website set up for the project.

“If the Warren community voiced interest,” Harry said, “We would (implement) similar efforts in there during the construction phase as well.”

PennDOT has prepared a video on how to navigate a roundabout which can be accessed at PennDOT’s roundabout page or the department’s YouTube channel.