Tax upset sale approaches

The last day to pay to avoid property going to the upset tax sale is just less than a week away.

The sale is set for Monday, Sept. 23 and the last day to pay is September 20 by 4 p.m.

“The 2017 taxes and anything prior get the property to the Upset Sale on Monday, the 23rd,” Tax Claim Director Phil GIlbert said. “So, if you owe 2016, 2017, and 2018 taxes, the 2016 and 2017s would need paid in full to be removed from the sale.”

He noted that the 2019 taxes are currently with the tax collector for the Municipality the property is located in.

The county no longer accepts personal checks for payment but payment can be made with cash, money order, cashiers checks or credit card, though there is an additional fee for using a card.

Payment can be done online at warrencopa.com/tax-claim though Gilbert said those looking to pay online “will need your current payoff amount and map number.”

Should a property owner make payment to avoid the sale, Gilbert encouraged people not to “wait for next year to roll around to get out of the sale again.

“They should try and be proactive,” he said. “Ways to do that is to make partial payments on their 2018 taxes. Unlike the tax collectors, we can take any partial payment a property owner would like to make. Payments can be made easily online.”

Gilbert also has information available for those looking to make purchases at the upcoming sale.

“For those wishing to purchase in the Upset Tax Sale, it is suggested you visit the county website and read up on how the Upset Tax Sale works,” he said. We have a current list of properties heading to the upset tax sale available online, this will be updated periodically.

“As of Friday afternoon we had 338 properties scheduled. We should see this drop to about 60-70 for the sale. A lot of people pay the last minute.”