State Supreme Court suspends Shreve’s license

A former Warren County solicitor has had his license temporarily suspended by the state Supreme Court.

The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania made the announcement in a Wednesday press release.

“By order of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania dated August 14, 2019, Warren County attorney, John Richard Shreve, of Warren, PA, has been placed on Temporary Suspension” that will “take effect on September 13, 2019.”

Back in July, Shreve was arrested after he had been found to be in contempt of court for failure to pay fines and costs ordered by Judge John Foradora, Jefferson County’s Court of Common Pleas president judge.

He had appealed a total of 16 unpaid parking tickets from the magisterial level to the Court of Common Pleas.

Unpaid fines and fees on those 16 dockets totaled $2,121.65.

But Shreve had to pay far less than that to avoid a hit in the Warren County Jail.

Online court records show that an order from Foradora was filed with the county’s Prothonotary Office on June 21 which stated that Shreve was in contempt and “shall stand committed to the Warren County Jail for a period of six months.”

But that order further states that it would “be suspended on the condition that on or before June 30th, 2019, the Defendant shall pay a minimum of $25 to the Warren County Court of Common Pleas and a minimum of $25” to District Justice Raymond Zydonik’s office.

“Failure to comply with this order shall result in a warrant being issued for the Defendant’s arrest,” the order concluded.

Online court records show that Shreve was released from jail on July 11 “upon payment of fines” stemming from the parking tickets.

He was the solicitor for the county in 2017 and 2018 and did not apply for reappointment to the position for 2019.


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