Defendant gets additional charge for threatening victim in courtroom

A Warren man came into court on Thursday facing two harassment charges and left with a third charge — intimidation of a victim.

Christopher Cruzado was charged by Pennsylvania State Police in June with two counts of misdemeanor harassment that were alleged to have occurred in Glade Township.

He waived his right to a preliminary hearing last month and was in court Thursday for formal arraignment proceedings.

Before President Judge Maureen Skerda entered the courtroom, Cruzado appeared to take exception with a question from a sheriff’s deputy before he, as District Attorney Rob Greene said later in open court, made threats to the victims who were also in the courtroom.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Cruzado stood up with his arms crossed, glared, and bless a kiss to victims in Cruzado’s case.

When confronted, Cruzado said to a Warren County Sheriff’s deputy, “What, am I not allowed to confront my accuser?” according to the affidavit. “The defendant then proceeded to use profanity, raising the tone in his voice and fully disrupting the courtroom, all while continuing to glare at” the victims.

Several deputies were called to remove Cruzado from the courtroom and arrest him. He subsequently waived his right to a formal arraignment.

Greene told the court that he wished to revoke Cruzado’s bail on the initial harassment charges in light of the incident.

Skerda acknowledged she was not in the courtroom when the incident occurred but said she recognized there was a “disruption” that delayed the start of court.

She told Greene to file a written motion to revoke bail as Cruzado has a right to a hearing on that issue.


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