WAHS to host PGC open-house

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is bringing an open-house to Warren to highlight wildlife health issues in the Commonwealth.

The event, one of seven scheduled for across the Commonwealth, is set for Tuesday, July 30, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Warren High School.

“Today, Pennsylvania’s wildlife faces a variety of threats,” the PGC said in a statement. “These threats often are related to both natural and human-caused factors. As the state agency responsible for managing Pennsylvania’s wildlife, the Pennsylvania Game Commission must mitigate these threats wherever possible.”

The PGC said the sessions will include “multiple open-house exhibits throughout the state and is encouraging the general public to stop by and learn more about this issue.

“The open-house format allows visitors to casually view information about the problem and possible solutions. Agency staff will be on hand to answer questions.”

Specific wildlife issues the PGC is combating include Chronic Wasting Disease, mange and tuberculous which “have the potential to significantly affect wildlife populations.

“Though these diseases do spread naturally, their spread is increased significantly when wildlife is unnaturally concentrated. When people feed wildlife, they escalate this concentration.”

The PGC notes that CWD in deer and mange in bears is on the rise and acknowledge that they “must take appropriate steps to mitigate wildlife diseases and their spread. While this is not an easy problem to solve, it is serious and needs to be addressed.”