Properties listed for fall upset sale

745 properties have been listed for potential inclusion in this fall’s upset tax sale.

A notice of each individual property was included in the Times Observer last week.

The properties included are on the list for “nonpayment of taxes for the year of 2017,” according to the notice, which announces that the sale is set for September 23 at 1 p.m.

While the notice in the Times Observer was pages long, far fewer properties will actually make it to the sale. Property owners have until September 20th at 4 p.m. to pay “taxes, penalties, interest and costs” to avoid the sale.

But being on the list is the first step to being in the sale.

And some high-profile properties in the community made the cut.

A significant portion of the 300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue West is on the list.

That includes the buildings that cover 337-343 Pennsylvania Ave. W., whose owner is identified as “Pennsylvania Avenue West” and the building adjacent to that building at 331-333, owned by Riverside West Associates.

The “approximate upset price” for those properties is $58,707.44 and $61,354.64, respectively.

Many of the Breeze Point Circle townhouses in downtown Warren are also included. These properties have been on the list in past years but the taxes have been paid prior to the sale in those situations.

Owned by The Landing at Warren LP, the following addresses are listed, with the approximately upset price in parenthesis for each: 321-339 Breeze Point Circle ($6,479.13), 322 ($9,273.30), 323 ($15,885.46), 325 ($15,885.46), 326 ($9,221.53), 327 ($15,885.46), 329 ($15,885.46), 330 ($9,227.77), 331 ($15,885.46), 333 ($15,885.46), 334 ($9,221.53), 335 ($15,885.46), 338 ($8,232.30).

The commercial property located at 616 Pennsylvania Ave. E., owned by Antim Real Estate LLC, is included at an approximate price of $19,212.01. That property is located on the south side of the intersection at Pennsylvania Ave. and Carver St.

The now-shuddered Edgewood Motel in Brokenstraw Township, 28610 Route 6, is also on the preliminary list at a price of $8,880.97. The deceased owner of that property also owned 2-4 E. Main St. in Youngsville, which appears on the list for $7,086.08.


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