‘Grand old building’

Damage assessed the day after Monday night’s Market Street structure fire

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry A city firefighter works within the burned out stone structure of 312 Market St. Tuesday morning after a late night fire ravaged the interior of the historic First Church of Christ Scientist.

A structure fire late night Monday, July 8, 2019, left the back third of 312 Market St, Warren, with fire, smoke and water damage.

The unofficial cause has been determined electrical accidental according to Acting Fire Chief Steve Hoffman, Warren Fire department.

The building had been under renovation since March with hopes to open within the next few weeks as an accounting building.

The second floor of the building was ripped down to the studs 100 years ago. As a result, when the fire penetrated to the second floor, it expanded rapidly. The brick structure of the building contributed to trapping in the heat and allowing the fire to grow.

The fire was under control within 45 minutes of responders arriving on scene. The quick control of the fire allowed for only the back third of the house to be greatly affected by the damage. There is also some damage in the attic.

Times Observer photo by Katie Miktuk A late night structure fire on Monday, July 8, 2019, left the back third of 312 Market St, Warren with fire, smoke and water damage. Smoke can be seen rising from the back portion of the building as firefighters work to knock down the flames.

Responders were on scene altogether for three hours and were disbanded at the four hour mark.

“The guys did a really nice knockdown, and with assistance from the volunteer fire departments, we were able to knock it down in 45 minutes,” said Hoffman.

Assisting the Warren Fire Department on scene was Pleasant VFD, Starbrick VFD, North Warren VFD and Russell VFD. Glade VFD was present at the Warren fire station. Emergycare was also on scene.

The building was unoccupied at the time the fire began and no injuries were reported.

A firefighter mayday was called during the fire as a firefighter broke through the second floor down to his waist where his tank delayed him from falling through. A fellow firefighter was able to grab him and hold him until help arrived to fully remove him from the floor. He sustained no injuries.

Patrolman Kyle Grey, City of Warren Police Department, was the responding officer to the scene. Grey had no comment and said the investigation is ongoing.