And just like that, there’s boating at Chapman Lake

A flock of Canadian geese noisily made their way back and forth across Chapman Lake on Saturday as if to claim ownership. Those geese will have to get used to sharing again.

As of Saturday, the lake is open for boating. Fishing and swimming have not yet been approved.

“Chapman State Park is pleased to announce after nearly two years, Chapman Lake is now officially open for boating,” Park Manager Tyson Martin announced on Saturday. Valid registration or launch and a mooring permit are still required.

Boating was the first water activity approved since the lake closed for a dam rehabilitation project that began in Sept. 2017.

The park is still awaiting permission from Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission to resume fishing (catch and release, except for trout), as well as permission from the Department of Health to open the swimming area, according to Martin.

“There is no known date when either may occur, but we anticipate fishing will be allowed before swimming,” he said. “Wading is permitted on most of the shoreline and pets are welcome to cool off anywhere but the beach area, as long as they are leashed.”

Martin listed the major projects that are complete and added some finishing touches that continue.

Culvert replacement and paving of roadways are complete. Removal of 90,000 cubic yards of sediment is complete. Structural repairs and improvements of the dam, spillway, and monitoring instrumentation are complete.

Minor site clean up will continue, primarily during weekdays, until the park is returned to its original condition. One such pending repair is the dry-mooring rail, which will result in further delays to boaters wishing to keep their boats in the park.

Park staff expressed gratitude for visitors’ continued patience during the project.