D.A.R.E. to graduate

Beaty-Warren Middle School students graduate Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry With City of Warren Police officers with the winners of the Beaty-Warren Middle School DARE essay contest from left: Chief Brandon Deppen, Grace Carr, Aubrey Perrin, Madison Jones, Kara Anderson, Grady Corey, and Sgt. Jeff Dougherty. Absent from photo was Ella Getner.

DARE is named for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, but it is a program about much more.

It’s about teaching kids to respect themselves and others.

“Be positive with yourself,” City of Warren Community Service Officer Sgt. Jeff Dougherty said during DARE Graduation Tuesday at Beaty-Warren Middle School. “Be positive with others. Show respect. “

Each of the 170 graduates was called to the stage and given a medal by City of Warren Police Chief Brandon Deppen, a handshake from their teachers, and a certificate from Dougherty.

The essay contest winners were invited to the stage for additional recognition and a chance to read their essays for the group.

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Conewango Township Police Officer Scott Neiswonger and K9 Officer Nic walk to the stage at Beaty-Warren Middle School sixth-grader during DARE graduation on Tuesday.

“DARE is about helping kids be safe in the real world,” Grady Corey said.

“When you don’t know how to say ‘no’ to someone, that only hurts you,” Kara Anderson said. “When my guy tells me something is wrong, I will leave.”

“I plan to use what I have learned by making safe and responsible choices,” Madison Jones said. “Having DARE at school can help anyone and everyone.”

Conewango Township Officer Scott Neiswonger and K9 Officer Nic joined the celebration.

The DARE program is delivered to middle schoolers, but the lessons learned from it are lasting.

“I want to thank you guys for participating,” Dougherty said. “Carry that on. Keep it with you. Those are life lessons.”


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