City Council awards project bids

Warren City Council on Monday signed off on bids for a two-block repair to Madison Ave. as well as a restroom improvement at Betts Park.

Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz told council that one bid was received – $265,534 from Lake Shore Paving of Jamestown, NY – for the project and explained that work will include removing two blocks of concrete street and replacing with asphalt.

The project includes Madison Ave. between Hammond St. and Muir St. and Holtz explained that the concrete will be removed, the streets will be rebuilt and topped with asphalt and include new ADA-compliant curb ramps.

“The city has worked with Lake Shore” and “recommends approval of the bid,” Holtz added, noting the work is “planned to be completed by the end of the construction season.”

Councilman John Lewis raised concern about their being only one bid on the project and asked if it was customary when only one bid was received to re-bid a project.

“We have done that in the past,” Holtz said, though he said that isn’t recommended in this case because Lake Shore’s prices are “pretty competitive” and said it “has been a difficult year to get a lot of bids. This season more than ever is contractor heaven. My recommendation is to grab it now.”

He speculated that the work, once commenced, could be completed in five to six weeks.

Council also approved a $42,421 bid for work at the west end restroom at Betts Park.

“This project will be funded by a local benefactor,” Holtz said, and is “planned to be completed by the end of the construction season.”


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