Code Dept. pool permit advisory

If you’re looking into getting a pool this summer, be aware of the permits, fees and regulations before you head down that road.

According to the City of Warren’s website, the public needs “to be aware that a building permit is required for any swimming pool capable of holding a depth of more than 24 inches of water.”

That includes portable, inflatable pools.

“If the pool sidewall is less than 48 inches high, a minimum four-foot high barrier of fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate is required,” the city’s website states. “If the house forms a side of this barrier, alarms on all doors leading to the pool area are required. Any existing pool is also required to comply with these barrier requirements.”

A building permit is also required from the Codes Department for the installation of any hot tub or spa.

“If you have an existing permanent or portable swimming pool and do not have a valid building permit,” the city’s websites states, “you will need to obtain a permit before you will be permitted to use your new pool this summer.”

In addition to a building permit – which has a $35 fee – the building permit varies from $35 to $185 depending on the type of pool that is being installed.

The city’s zoning ordinance permits swimming pools “provided a pool is located in the rear yard of the dwelling to which it is accessory. Any pool is to be located 10 feet from any lot line and must be enclosed by a continuous barrier not less than four feet high nor more than six feet in height.”

If you live in one of the zoned municipalities in the county, you also have the dual zoning and building permit requirements.

In addition to the $15 zoning permit fee, residents in Clarendon, Cherry Grove, Conewango, Glade, Mead, Pine Grove, Pleasant and Sheffield obtain their building permit from the City of Warren for a fee slightly higher than what a city resident pays.

The county’s zoning ordinance permits pools “in side or rear yard areas, provided that the pool is located at least 15 feet from lot line. When a pool has a deck attached, the deck will be a minimum of 10 feet from the lot line.”