Youngsville Borough mulls its recycling services

It didn’t come to a vote Monday, but Youngsville Borough Council is considering canceling its recycling service.

Borough Manager Lisa Hagberg informed council that the borough’s sanitation and recycling hauler, Advanced Disposal, has announced that it is going to raise its rates effective May 1.

That was not entirely surprising, but the suddenness of the announcement and the amount of the increase were. “We put a cushion in the budget for landfill fees,” Hagberg said. “I’m not sure our cushion in big enough to accommodate these increases.”

She said the new rates will take the costs from $63 per ton to $69 per ton for garbage and from $45 per ton to $61 per ton for recycling.

“Our recycle (will be) almost as much as our garbage,” Council Member Eric Mineweaser said. That takes the monetary incentive away from the borough.

The borough does pay the company for recycling services.

Hagberg said the incentive to recycle lies with the individuals. “We could discontinue our service and ask our residents who are passionate about recycling to take it (directly) to the station,” she said.

“I wouldn’t want to discontinue it yet,” Council Member Catrina Leamon said.

“At $45 it was a difference,” Council Member Troy Clawson said. “It’s getting close. It’s getting to the point” where council will have to consider ending the service.


Hagberg said the YMCA satellite “fitness center is going gangbusters.” And the borough approved funding to rehabilitate a long-disused volleyball court adjacent to the Brokenstraw Valley Swimming Pool

“There is a committed group of volunteers that is going to revamp the volleyball court,” she said. “They have come to us and asked us to pay for the sand.”

She said the estimated cost is $1,300 to $1,400.

Council approved that expense.