Pandas, Elephants and Turtles plant Arbor Day Tree

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Pandas, Elephants, and Turtles from the Jefferson DeFrees Family Center pre-school and day care help plant the City of Warren Arbor Day tree.

Many hands make light work, even if they are not particularly large hands.

On Thursday, City of Warren Arborist Joe Reinke brought helping hands along with him as he planted the city’s Arbor Day tree.

The pandas, elephants, and turtles of the Jefferson DeFrees Family Center pre-school and day care helped Reinke plant a black tupelo, also known as a black gum, in front of the PGE building at Market Street and Second Avenue.

To help the youngsters remember the type of tree, Reinke offered them gum and said if they chewed the right combination it would turn black.

The tupelo is a slow-growing tree that could reach a height of 50 feet. Reinke said there is plenty of room in the location.

The tree was chosen because of its brilliant fall foliage, he said. “The street landscape committee thought it would be a nice shot of color for the downtown area.”

The Arbor Day tree is one of many planted by the city this week. Reinke said crews were planting 90 trees in tree lawns and in city parks Thursday and Friday.


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