DPW shifts Spring Cleanup

City of Warren Department of Public Works crews continue to have their hands full.

“Due to the tornado… DPW crews will be spending Tuesday and possibility Wednesday in the northern part of the city,” DPW Director Mike Holtz said on Monday.

Holtz said that the “goal” for the crews will be to run the chipper to “get some of the bulk material off of the streets. (We) may have to go a second day.”

He said that when he was in the area overnight that it was “amazing how much had gotten done. (The) residents got at it.”

The city’s Spring Cleanup program was initially slated for this week, but that effort will be delayed while crews cleanup affected areas from Sunday’s storm.

“(We) will be a couple days behind,” Holtz said. “It’s kind of a good thing. It gives residents a couple extra days. If we did miss you, don’t hesitate to call. If you give an address, we will be back around.”

“We’re sorry we had to adjust the schedule. Due to the storm, (there are) more priority areas to be taken care of.”

In addition to the work done on Tuesday in the storm-affected area, Holtz said crews will come back to that area as part of the Spring Cleanup, noting that residents are “more than welcome” to also dispose of brush at a designated location at the sewer plant on Harmar St.


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